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At Cup&Code, we understand that digital marketing is a key and effective marketing strategy as it focuses on a highly targeted and results-driven market. This gives our clients the ability to advertise specifically to those in their industry. Due to this fact, digital marketing becomes more accurate and affordable than traditional marketing.

We are always here to provide digital solution services to our clients. At Cup&Code, we efficiently use the key advantage of digital advertisement which is a precise segmentation and targeting method of this generation. We let marketers identify and reach their target audience.


Our vision is to provide world-class branding and marketing services to businesses around the world. We hope to give clients measurable results that will improve their brand awareness, improve sales, and sustain their businesses growth.


To help our clients build a solid marketing foundation by enlisting the services we offer in micro-steps and gain macro results. We consult our clients on a regular basis and analyse reports that provide them with engineering strategies and campaigns built on both science and innovation, along with creativity and imagination.


AlWaleed the CEO and Co-Founder of Cup&Code with 5 years in the Digital Marketing industry and a solid background in Social Media Ads such as Facebook and Instagram, Google AdWords, and SEO. He will provide a top-notch data-driven marketing campaign with the help and contribution of his highly professional team.

Completed his Degree of Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering at Coventry University and currently a Co-Founder of Ingifity, an e-commerce business.

reymond lantano

Reymond the COO and Co-Founder of Cup&Code and the head of the creative team, with more than 14 years of solid experience in working in-house and independently as a freelancer. Reymond has helped to build brand identities and promotional material for small to large corporations as well as created well-rounded illustrations, advertising campaigns, and digital products for corporate companies.

Reymond has a wide creative background, with his Computer System Design & Programming at AMA Computer Learning Center. Started his career as a Graphic Designer and worked with some international brand across the sector.

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